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The Organization for Public Diplomacy

- a global exchange of views and understanding  -

The status of the United States as the world's only superpower often creates antipathy among those who are affected by our foreign policy decisions, yet have no say in them.  The goal of OPD is twofold: to increase opportunities for exchange that will help Americans make better, smarter, more informed decisions and through those exchanges make those decisions more welcome and understood.  The world we live in no longer rewards mere economic and military dominance. International affairs are increasingly a matter of human rather than national security; our increased interconnectedness transcends borders and allows individuals rather than countries to become the fundamental player in global politics.  The OPD believes an increased exchange among citizens, and not just leaders, can change the course of global politics.

The Organization for Public Diplomacy sees an opportunity to do more.  Giving to the OPD will help insure the United States plays a clearer leadership role in international affairs.  By funding our programs you can provide transparency and understanding for our friends and allies.  One needs only look at the foreign news media to see the damage poor understanding does to US priorities.  Many outside our borders work to cast the US in a disparaging light sometimes with blatant propaganda.  Correcting this misinformation will not happen on its own.  It will take American ingenuity and continuous effort to promote an accurate message. 




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