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What is Public Diplomacy

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What is Public Diplomacy?





Public Diplomacy is as the University of Southern California’s Center on Public Diplomacy puts it:


[T]he impact of private activities - from popular culture to fashion to sports to news to the Internet - that inevitably, if not purposefully, have an impact on foreign policy and national security as well as on trade, tourism and other national interests…  Public diplomacy focuses on the ways in which a country (or multi-lateral organization such as the United Nations), acting deliberately or

inadvertently, through both official and private individuals and institutions, communicates with citizens in other societies. But like standard diplomacy, it starts from the premise that dialogue, rather than a sales pitch, is often central to achieving the goals of foreign policy. To be effective, public diplomacy must be seen as a two-way street. [Italics added]


Colleen Graffy, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, describes Public Diplomacy as “the practice of communicating a country's policies, values and culture to other peoples. It is an attempt to explain why we have decided on certain measures, and beyond that, to explain who we are.”


What is Public Diplomacy?


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